COVID-19 Update: Construction activities at the project site continue. The team is taking the necessary precautions to comply with the current orders and for the safety of the workers and community.  Click HERE for information on the County’s COVID-19 Update Page.
  • We continue to remain on schedule for completion of all construction by mid-2022. 
  • We anticipate that the trail along Lee Blvd will be open and accessible to the public in June 2022. 
  • We are in our commissioning phase and will be bringing new processes online over the next few months.  Odors may be present during startup but are not expected as part of normal operating conditions.  We appreciate your understanding during this phase.  If you detect odors we would like to know so we can address them.  You can fill out an odor complaint form by clicking on the “Odor Complaint Form” button. This form notifies Operations & Maintenance staff and top leadership directly.  
Timeline Overview of Construction - April 2018 to May 2022

The Tomahawk Creek Wastewater Facility Expansion began in April 2018 with major construction scheduled to be completed by mid-2022.  The long-term infrastructure investment will utilize the latest proven technologies, protect the environment, and improve water quality in Indian Creek and for downstream communities. 

Tomahawk Creek Wastewater Facility Expansion - Outfall Begins - September 2021